Covid Grocery Delivery Program

Covid Grocery Delivery Program

Posted by dedicatedmanager on May 3, 2021

Kinship Connection has just finished its Covid Grocery Delivery program. We have filled over 150 requests for groceries, diapers/formula, clothing, headphones for kids, and more!

It has been a difficult year for all of us, but it was such a highlight seeing these smiles and sometimes tears of joy, feeling supported in a tough season. It is not over for these caregivers, but they were blessed with this boost of encouragement whenever they needed it.

Kinship Connection wanted this benefit to be a representation of healthy help to encourage respect and humanity in a fractured world. We attempted to do this by encouraging families to request what they needed instead of providing them what we thought they needed. This made the effort more tedious, as we shopped each week with individual lists; but we hope and believe it added healing value to the provision for these families.

Kinship will continue to provide gift cards for grocery items to families in emergency situations. If you would like to contribute toward this donate here or email  to find out where to drop off gift cards.

Redmond, WA
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