Support groups

Currently Via Zoom
Support groups allow caregivers to meet with other individuals who are experiencing the same challenges. These free groups are guided by a professional facilitator and provide a safe place to discuss the joys and challenges of raising a grandchild, niece, nephew, or other relative. Some groups include meals and childcare. 

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Help Line

Just need a listening ear? This time is designated for your encouragement if you have a question or just need to be heard. Please don’t hesitate to call! 
Tuesdays 9am-5pm
(360) 726-2748.

Zoom Tutoring

Kinship Caregivers and their kids can be supported and encouraged in the journey by others in the kinship community or the wider community who have insights, skills, or resources to share.


Kids do not come with a manual when they arrive in the homes of our families. Kinship Connection provides training opportunities for Kinship Caregivers, increasing their capacity to provide healthy environments for the children in their care. We provide safety classes and trauma-informed parenting classes to Kinship Caregivers to equip them for the unique challenges of their children. Any child separated from their biological parent has experienced trauma.

Resource Locator Tool

The Kinship Connection Resource Locator is an online, interactive tool that provides targeted kinship resources according to specific zip codes. Here you have in your hands information that will give you immediate and specific help if you cannot call during helpline hours, and without waiting for an email response.

You can then begin to sort out where you are legally and start to find help in your community. You will be matched to targeted resources and be in a better position to ask questions when you call the helpline or contact us via email.

Connection Closet

Opportunity for the greater community to donate new or gently used, stylish, clothing for sized 2t-teen. Diapers, wipes, and pull-ups of all sizes are also needed.
Redmond, WA
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