There is Kindness in the World

There is Kindness in the World

Posted by dedicatedmanager on May 3, 2021

One of the best things about running a non-profit is seeing the BEST of people. This is a story about just that.

I have a caregiver who raises her niece and nephew. She recently graduated from a Master’s Program and purchased a sewing machine for herself to celebrate. She had always wanted to learn to sew. She reached out to me, asking if I might be able to locate another one for her niece, so they could learn and sew together.

I did what I always do in these situations, and I reached out to my neighborhood Facebook groups. Quickly, I had a response, and I was off to pick up an old Bernina machine. Bernina’s are excellent machines, but this one was old.

I wanted to confirm that it still worked well, so I took it to the local sewing machine dealer to have them look at it. They checked it out, and let me know that the pedal would need to be replaced, and it would cost $350. The machine was solid, but it was expensive to replace the parts.

I explained that I ran a non-profit and we did not have enough to cover the expense. I thanked them, and asked if they could use the machine for parts. They said they could, and we cordially parted ways.

The next day, the salesperson I talked to called me back. He said he would like to trade me for the donation, and that he was sure he could find another machine that would be suitable for the young lady.

We arranged a pickup date, and I was thrilled!

When I went to pick up the machine, the shop gave me a brand new beginner Bernadette machine, worth $500.

It was so amazing!

The man did not have to call me back with that offer, but they wanted to be a part of supporting caregivers in their way!

There are many generous humans in the world, and we are thankful to be able to see it in action!

Redmond, WA
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